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Online Compliance Training

CHLA's training partner provides over 30 courses in harassment, people and culture, data security and privacy. Many courses are available in up to 30 languages. The harassment courses for California are available in Italian, Spanish, French, Chinese & German.



By 2020, the State of California requires companies with over 5 employees to provide sexual harassment prevention
training for both supervisory and non-supervisory roles.  Existing employees must complete the training
by January 1, 2020, and training of new hires must occur within six months of hire or promotion.
All managers and employees must complete the training course every two years.

Explore over one dozen courses including the new 2018 Harassment & Discrimination course, delivering dynamic content based on California law and employee position (supervisor or non-supervisor) designation. 

Other harassment courses include Managing Bias, Workplace Violence Prevention, Diversity: Inclusion in the Modern Workplace, Recognizing Drug & Alcohol Abuse for Supervisors, and more.


Over 20 course on topics such as Identifying Candidates, Interviewing Candidates, Terminating Employees, Performance Reviews, Form I-9, Social Media, and more.


Six courses, including Data Security & Privacy, Security Awareness, Privacy & Data Protection, PCI DSS: Payment Card Industry Data, Security Standard, Protecting Confidential Information and Avoiding Insider Trading.

Ethics & Anti-Corruption

Over 30 courses, such as Tools for an Ethical Workplace, Conflicts of Interest, Antitrust, Suppliers and Human Trafficking, and more.

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